Pastor Loren and Felicia Miller have been in the ministry for the past 17 years.
They were missionary’s with the United Pentecostal Church for 8 years. There service started in Guyana South America where they started a church, edited and published the TEAM ministerial magazine, started bible quizzing and evangelized in the local churches. God sent revival and before they left 2-1/2 years later they had built and dedicated a new church building and had around 50 in attendance.
During the next 2 years God led them to Trinidad and Tobago where they taught in the bible school 4 nights a week pastored 2 churches one of which they started and introduced bible quizzing. They had the first ever multinational bible quiz tournament between Guyana and Trinidad while there.
They felt God leading them to the Leeward Islands to an Island called Anguilla that did not have a oneness church. They started the church in their home with a Sunday school class of 6 kids. There with the help of Missionary evangelist Jerry & Janeace Miller and his tent crusade team a church was born. After 2 years of growth and 1 building later the Millers installed a national pastor and moved to Dripping Springs TX to help start The First Apostolic Church of Dripping Springs.
After pastoring in Dripping Springs for 7 years, the Holy Ghost sent the Millers to Midlothian Tx where the end of the book hasn’t been written yet. But if there is one thing that we have learned its this “anything can take place when you put God in control”. We are excited and can’t wait to see what He has in store for this city.